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POW/MIA flag painting:  Mike Taylor (L)  of Flags of Valor presents the second POW/MIA painting edition to the chapter at the February 16, 2017 meeting.  An American flag painting was presented too.  Two military veteran brothers operate Flags of Valor.  The firm employs military veterans to hand paint assorted American and patriotic flags on weathered wood.
Thank You:  Sarah Elpern (L) and Diane Ignatowski (R) welcome an attendee tot the chapter hosting of the movie showing, "Thank You for Your Service" movie on January 24, 2017.  The movie documents three modern day warriors struggle with combat PTSD and their recovery.  The showing was a sell-out.  Attendees ranged from veterans to mental health providers. Flag of Valor:  Mike Taylor (L) of Flags of Valor presents an American flag painting to Bruce Waxman, Chapter President, at the February 16, 2017 meeting.  The flag painting will be displayed at the meeting restaurant.

At the April 2011 membership meeting, Hank Cloutier (R) of the Eagle Cane Project presented a custom made cane to Specialist Bethany Wolf, who received her wounds as a combat medic with the 1st Cavalry Division in Iraq in 2007.  George Jones (L), Chapter Member and woodcarver, assisted in the cane presentation.  Ms. Wolf expressed her appreciation for the cane and to the chapter's program support.  The cane carvings include the names of three fellow soldiers who lost their lives in combat, her combat medic badge, her Iraq campaign medal, her Purple Heart medal, and her unit insignia. Bruce Waxman, Chapter President, (L) and Len Ignatowski, Chapter Vice President (R) chat with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan after his CNN Town Hall Meeting in Washington D.C. on January 12, 2017. The duo represented VVA at the event. Challenge coins were exchanged between the chapter and the Speaker. Both chapter members with their VVA baseball caps were highly visible during the nationally televised meeting since they sat behind the questioning microphone station.
"I Love My Rifle More than You" author, Kayla Williams, Iraq combat veteran, (L) accepts a VVA hat after her discussion about her Iraq War Tour of Duty from Byron Sheldon, Chapter President, at a chapter meeting. Her army career as an Arab interpreter on an field intelligence team is documented in her book. Her appearance is a continuation of our effort to build a bond with today's military veterans. Dennis Stephens, Chapter Member, discusses the unique landing approach into a hostile jungle airstrip as a C-130 pilot in South Vietnam at a chapter meeting.
Byron Sheldon, Chapter President, (R) presents the Dean K. Phillips Award to Bruce Waxman at the October 2011 meeting. The award recognizes a member whose level of service and dedication emulates the exceptional veteran service of Dean K. Phillips, the chapter namesake. Bruce is only the fourth person to receive the distinguished award. Byron Sheldon, Chapter President, (R) presents a VVA baseball cap and a Veteran/US flag pin to LeRoi Mason, (L), after Mr. Mason discussed his work with incarcerated veterans. Mr. Mason is a Vietnam War veteran who was imprisoned for a serious crime, but rehabilitated himself by earning several college degrees in prison and initiated counseling sessions with inmates who are veterans. He now works with incarcerated veterans in Virginia prisons with a special pass issued by Governor Robert McDonnell. Photo by Len Ignatowski

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